Sergery unitZEISS EyeMag Light II
ZEISS EyeMag Light II
Réf : EyeMag Light II LED Illumination

EyeMag Light II

Lighting the way


  • The powerful lighting of the EyeMag® Light II1 maximizes illumination intensity for fine detail recognition. Combined with high-quality ZEISS optics, the LED illumination provides a sharp, unaltered view of tiny details and structures thanks to its close resemblance to daylight and even distribution of light. 


  • Two powerful rechargeable battery packs and a charching cradle are part of the standard package allowing practically interruption-free work - 24/7.


  • In combination with ZEISS EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S medical loupes, EyeMag Light II offers coaxial light, resulting in minimal shadow formation.


  • Unlike illumination with conventional lens configurations, EyeMag Light II, with its clearly defined illuminated field, offers even and powerful illumination across the entire field of view of your ZEISS loupes.




Brochure : EyeMag Light II