Sergery unitNuvo - Verde NV3 LED
Nuvo - Verde NV3 LED
Réf : Verde NV3 LED by Nuvo


NUVO Verde LED Surgical Light


  Cutting edge technology combined with eco-friendly features deliver an advanced OR Surgical Light. The industries highest intensity consumes the lowest amount of power. The industries highest intensity also generates the least amount of heat. The make up of the optics combine Red, Green and Blue to replicate the way we view colors making it the only light in the world to maintain a constant CRI value through the entire intensity range.         
In true NUVO tradition the Verdé comes to market steeped in unique features that deliver tangible benefits to the surgical team to improve procedural efficiency and surgical safety with unparalleled visual clarity.



 Multi Imager NUVO Verde Brochure


 Multi Imager NUVO Verde Manual



Optimal Light Pattern and Cavity Penetration

  • The LFL lens system harmonizes individual rays of light into one coherent array resulting in an extremely homogenous pattern of light that is adjustable for smaller less invasive procedures up to a much larger pattern for more invasive cardiac/spinal procedures. Even with as much as 75% of the projected light blocked the surgical team will still experience excellent illumination of the overall surgical field.
    * The low profile, smooth lines of the light are key components contributing to the low turbulence coefficients measured in laminar airflow rooms. The sophisticated thermal management system employed by the light keeps rising air currents to an absolute minimum which contribute greatly to maintaining turbulent free air flow.