Sergery unitZEISS KINEVO 900
Réf : ZEISS KINEVO 900 Redefining surgical visualization for advanced surgical certainty

Redefining surgical visualization for advanced surgical certainty.


    Loaded with over 100 innovations, the all-new Robotic Visualization System® – KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS is designed to deliver more functionalities than any surgical microscope today. It combines optical and digital visualization modalities, offers QEVO – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool and will impress you with its Surgeon-Controlled Robotics.

All to enable you to gain greater certainty in a virtually disruption-free workflow. Discover it now


  Experience Surgeon-Controlled Robotics to discover a complete new level of precise positioning. This new innovation enables intelligent positioning functions – reducing manual hassle. And, helping you to focus on your treatment. ZEISS KINEVO 900 delivers a lot more positioning precision with a lot less effort





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